About Us

I’m Fabrizio and together with my partner Aida and my brother Paolo we decided to open the Wine boat wine bar. I abandoned the marketing and communication sector to open a bed and breakfast and a wine bar to live in the tourism world and promote conscious lifestyles, travel and wine. Aida and Paolo work with me in the management of the wine bar. I founded Toledostation bb in Naples and travel the world to promote my land and I opened the Wine boat wine bar to fully experience an original Neapolitan experience, with products and wines from my land.

My hometown is called Naples, and has an endless series of excellent local wines where during our tasting of the 5 (glasses) wines, I will also present products such as meats and cheeses taken from my favorite producers. Join us to taste these fantastic products, perhaps little known in the world (we are more ‘known of course for pizza), among others you will know our sommelier Clementina, people who like me infinitely love our wonderful land. I always start my tour asking: “Why did you book this experience?” And the most common answer is: “Because I was looking for a particular activity”. What I offer to my guests is something unique, an experience that could not live alone. I tried to organize a more interesting tour of the existing ones, and this strategy worked.


Our Satisfaction

Where we go

Fabrizio, Paolo and Aida owners will welcome you, including Sommelier Clementina. You will get in touch with the most beautiful and original part of Naples, the Quartieri Spagnoli. At the entrance of the room you will find a boat-shaped counter, climb to the second floor where you will find the air-conditioned room with tables for tasting local wines / products.Finally as in a ship you will descend in the hold where you will find a comfortable bathroom.

Events to follow (coming soon) we will organize tours at the most famous wineries in our area, with tastings and visits to the most famous vines of the Campano area.

The Wine Boat Crew

Welcome you to “NAPOLI