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Wine, traditions and nature

Wine, traditions and nature: back to Ischia “Andar per cantine”

A thousand-year bond, born with the Greek colonists, is renewed keeping intact its charm, which translates into terraced landscapes and heroic agriculture, in the extraordinary cellars and products with an ancient flavor, which can be appreciated in Italy and the world: Ischia celebrates wine in the event that for more than ten years has been able to tell the island’s rural identity, revealing it to its visitors with an exciting format.

Back “Andar per cantine”, the event organized by Pro Loco Panza: from 15 to 23 September (info and reservations 081 908436, winds 9 different routes through the oldest cellars and the most lush vineyards of the inland of the island, between green tuff and Mediterranean scrub, from the village of Campagnano to the Hermitage of Epomeo, passing through the bay of Sorgeto and the small and pretty cellars of Serrara Fontana.

Source: La Repubblica

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